The 11 Best Beard Trimmers for 2020

Not all facial hair is equal.

Beard Trimmers Illustration

For many it’s a case of removing every unwanted strand, but for those of us who chose to wear our beards with pride – we need the best beard trimmer for our skin, style, and budget.

Whether you’ve been rocking a tache since the 70s or you’ve recently grown to love your lockdown stubble there are many reasons to invest in a good beard trimmer.

Good grooming is important for many men and women, and for us men who have chosen to adopt facial hair it’s important to keep it tidy. It’s not enough to just ‘let it grow’, a beard is a responsibility and one that should be taken seriously.

And if you’re here I’m going to assume that you do. 

So, mustached men and bearded boys, I present you with the ultimate list, nay, guide, on the best electric shavers in 2020.

What’s in the guide, you ask?

  • The 11 best beard and moustache trimmers where I’m sure you’ll discover your ideal grooming tool
  • A buyer’s guide to help make your decision
  • How I compiled my list
  • Some frequently asked questions from those looking to find a new beard trimmer.

Now, let’s give your beard the love it deserves.







  • The trimmer is durable overall. Blades should last for four months, and it’s water-resistant
  • It comes with plenty of guard combs for personalization
  • Battery life should last for a while (around 45 minutes)
  • It’s not great for close shaving compared to a regular razor
  • Takes a long time to charge (8 hours)

All in all, the OneBlade is a solid and versatile electric beard trimmer, ideal for guys who like a little bit of stubble or who enjoy keeping their facial hair close to clean-shaven. The affordable price, usability in water, and gentle electric touch means that there are almost no downsides.

Its speed, durability, and ease-of-use make it an ideal pick for men without a lot of patience with their morning routine. 

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